Pressure washing and vinyl vehicle graphics

Though hand washing is the preferred method for cleaning, keep the following in mind while performing this type of cleaning:

  • Pressure washing can cause the vinyl graphics to lift around the edges and peel away from the vehicle. (See Diagram 1b)
  • Over time, pressure washing can degrade the face film causing the graphic to lose its lustre, fade, crack and even chip away from the substrate.

Please consider the following to help prolong the life of the applied vehicle graphic when choosing to pressure wash (Based on vertical application) (See Diagram 1a):

  • Water temperature should not exceed 60 °C.
  • Spray nozzle opening… 40° wide pattern.
  • Spray angle…45°
  • Angle of graphic…90° (vertical)
  • Distance from graphic…15”
  • Water pressure…<= 800 PSI
  • Length of time… 30 sec


  • Pressure washing should only be used when other cleaning methods have been exhausted.
  • Use extreme care when aiming the water spray toward the edge of the vinyl graphic. Sharp spray angles can cause vinyl graphic to lift from vehicle.
  • Absolutely under no circumstances should a turbo pressure nozzle be used when pressure washing applied vehicle graphics.

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