How much will it cost to apply the graphics to my vehicle?

The cost of graphics varies widely depending on the design, size, type of product used and the complexity of the application. For a no obligation quote contact us now.

What is the timeframe for installing my vehicle graphics after I have confirmed a purchase?

You can expect application to begin within 5 – 10 working days from time your design and order has been confirmed. The application time will depend on the size and shape of your vehicle, along with the size of your graphics. For example, door graphics can vary from half an hour to 2 hours or more and a full car wrap can take upwards of two full days – with anything and everything in-between.

What are the warranties for vehicle graphics?

Vehicle Branding provides a 12-month workmanship quality warranty. The products we use are covered by supplier warranties ranging from 1 – 7 years depending on the media chosen.

Can you help me design graphics for my vehicle?

We have an inhouse design team who specialise in vehicle branding. We can assist in mocking up your existing design onto your vehicle, or work with you to create a brand-new design from scratch.

What happens if my graphics are damaged?

We can arrange to repair your vehicle graphics in the event they are damaged. Usually we are able to reproduce the damaged area and reapply to repair.

Can you install anywhere in
New Zealand?

Vehicle Branding has a workshop based in Manukau, Auckland. We can install anywhere in New Zealand with our trusted and experienced network of accredited applicators. We can help you with your moving billboard wherever you are.

Do you have experienced applicators working with for you?

We have access to over 35 years of vehicle applicating experience with our Auckland team and use a network of accredited installers nationwide.

Do you offer fleet branding?

Yes – a large part of what we do is for fleet vehicles. We design and produce in-house to ensure consistency of brand experience for your organisation throughout the country.

Can I get removable graphics?

We offer several options for removable branding. From simple magnetic signage through to innovative short-term graphic films that leave no damage. This is a great solution for promotions and fun events. Our team works with you to offer the right product for your needs.

Can I remove my own graphics?

You sure can! For simple graphic removal gently apply heat through a hair dryer or heat gun; always remember to keep the appliance moving to prevent paint damage. Once the decal is warm, peel it off gently; depending on how long the decals have been on the vehicle the decals may leave behind glue, this comes off easily with turps or de-greaser.

We highly recommend for vehicle wraps and very old graphics to come to us as we will do our best to minimise damage and remove it as efficiently as possible.

Can I provide my own custom design to put onto my vehicle?

Yes, you are more than welcome to supply your own digital photo, image or even full artwork to be produced here at Vehicle Branding.

If you intend to do this, please discuss with your sales representative at the quoting stage and they will provide you with guidelines for file types and sizes to ensure we can produce the best quality result.

If you don’t have files that meet specification that is fine too, we have an inhouse design team that can recreate from any file or design to your brief, and there is also the option of sourcing high quality imagery.

Vehicle Branding can put any image on any vehicle! We love working with new concepts and ideas – no matter how far-fetched they may be. You’re only limited by your imagination.