Building on your business through vehicle branding

Article reproduced from Company Vehicle magazine, Dec 2020

Our next Supplier of the Year is the umbrella company Colourworx, a well-established brand with a well-structured range of business branding services and a strong focus on vehicle branding.

In fact, Vehicle Branding is the name of just one of Colourworx’ many business divisions, though it’s fair to say Vehicle Branding is the division currently enjoying significant growth.

This is evidenced by a massive recent increase in Vehicle Branding’s business and the diversity of clients contracting that business – everyone from large corporates to the small to medium business enterprises.

In saying that, Vehicle Branding is a name built on delivering business excellence to all its clients, all of whom can expect the same level of professionalism and benefit of Vehicle Branding’s experience and expertise when it comes to all aspects of branding and advising for maximum branding impact within a budgetary framework to suit.

There are four main considerations as to why clients choose Vehicle Branding:

  • a national network of applicators, making it easy to brand vehicle fleets where the assets are in diverse geographic locations,
  • a single point of contact, which means, as a client, you only need to explain all your branding requirements to one account manager and that same account manager will keep you updated all the way through your branding process,
  • a robust quality control process. Your brand guidelines and or requirements are handled through your account manager who then ensures your brand’s integrity is maintained regardless of where the work is being completed.
  • Cost effectiveness. A recent client undertook a cost comparative exercise with the options being branding 100 vehicles or branding 100 bus stops. The bus stops proved to be three times the price of the fleet rebrand. That’s something to think about, and it’s an example of the sort of advice Vehicle Branding offers its clients – competitive transparency with no surprises.

Branding vehicles is smart marketing, but it also goes a long way to preserving your vehicle investment especially if the vehicles are owned.

Should your vehicles be leased, your business branding expenditure can often be factored into your vehicle’s lease repayments, which for many, is an attractive consideration.

There are many options when it comes to vehicle branding and Vehicle Branding can and will take you through them all while at the same time, giving you information which allows you to make an informed and intelligent decision to best suit your business branding requirements.

If you would rather talk to a human however, you’ll find one on the end of this phone number (09) 263 0500.


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